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Early Years Foundation Stage

EYFS Communication and Language

EYFS Expressive Arts and Design

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We want the children in Holly Class to have language rich, open-ended experiences which enable them to become independent and resilient learners. Our environment is skills based, ensuring children know where they can find the things they need to challenge themselves. We push the children to solve problems, to think for themselves and to overcome challenges. We want children to understand failure is proof they are challenging themselves as they are trying and learning from their experience. At Redfield Edge, we support children by creating an enabling environment (both physical and emotional) and through the relationships and interactions the children experience, working collaboratively or alongside the children as they explore and investigate. Our children feel safe, secure and build strong relationships with each other and with the adults in the provision. This ensures they are able to make progress from their individual starting points and have an enthusiasm for learning. The school’s Golden Threads of Community, Mental Health, Global Matters, Life Skills and Technology weave through our curriculum, encouraging deep thought, care and consideration of others and practical skills sets. Our children know that they will be listened to and respected which forms a culture of mutual respect, perfect for learning as they move through the school. Children are learning within topics and themes which are familiar and relevant to them and which they have chosen.


At Redfield Edge we teach the children in a multitude of ways. First and foremost we teach through the powerful vehicle of play. Interacting, not interfering. Communicating and collaborating. Children learn best when they are motivated and have high levels of engagement. We loosely plan ‘Topics’, however will quickly change if we find the children are not ‘hooked’ in, meaning our planning is fluid and changeable. We will teach Phonics and Maths every day as a whole class carpet session, with some adult led group times to follow these, ensuring children are getting a mix of teaching methods.

We observe carefully and observations, interactions and outcomes are recorded afterwards in Learning Diaries or Floor Books. ‘Focus Weeks’ are set out over the year so that each child will be focussed on three or more times a year. We want parents’ input here, asking for contributions, following up with a parent meeting to discuss progress and what can be done at home to work alongside school. Adults support children in various ways to help children learn. This includes interactions with children during both planned and child-initiated play and activities. Adults communicate and model language, explain, demonstrate and explore ideas, encourage, question, provide a narrative for what they are doing, facilitate and set challenges.

We want children to be motivated to write. This means unpicking each child’s journey carefully and backwards planning to figure out what each child will need. If this is that they need to develop linking sounds to letters, or developing hand strength in order to hold a pen effectively, then so be it. Equally if children are writing words with ease, we know they may need to be introduced to finger spaces, and so it goes on. Planning for children’s next steps is essential to ensure progress.

At Redfield Edge, we want the children to have their voice heard and feel empowered through the use of storytelling, drama, or role play. Through the use of Helicopter Stories (Story Square) we capture their imagination and develop confidence to take part and perform, at the children’s own individual pace.

We have additional activities such as Music (led by a Music teacher who comes in) and P.E. Recently we have started to develop our Forest School access and are looking to introduce a woodwork area.

Outside access is a constant, no matter what the weather is. “There is only bad clothing, not bad weather”, so bring waterproofs and wellies to school every day! Our outdoor provision is large scale. We see it as different to indoor. The learning taking place outside will be collaborative, open ended, able to be interpreted in multiple ways.


Children at Redfield Edge will be inquisitive, highly motivated learners who enjoy coming to school every day. They will make progress in all areas of learning, at a pace that suits them and with their best interests at heart. They will be life-long learners, and confident early readers and writers. Mathematics and number sense will be embedded through careful planning and teaching to enable children to leave EYFS with a thorough foundation and move through the school believing they can.