Redfield Edge Primary School


We've Launched A Lottery!

FoRE Fundraising events 2023/2024

We run a number of exciting events each year. We hope to strike a balance between affordable, exciting activities  and experiences with raising funds.

As well as our fundraising events, we also have additional ways to raise funds.  We run a School Lottery in partnership with Your School Lottery.  Tickets cost £1 each with a draw taking place every Saturday.  There is a prize within our community every week, based on ticket sales.  Match all numbers to win the £25,000 Jackpot.  There are also opportunities to win adhoc prizes such as ipads and theme park prizes. 

We also have an account with Easyfundraising, who partner with over 7000 brands who will donate part of what you spend online with then to the school. It won’t cost you any extra as the cost is covered by the brand. All you have to do is- Sign up and register ‘Friend’s of Redfield Edge’ as your chosen charity and then start spending!