Redfield Edge Primary School


Redfield Edge Eco

Schools Green Team

Led by

Lisa Robinson

Eco School Warriors

 Eco School Warriors 22 – 23

“Eco-Schools” is an international award that helps schools on their journey to becoming more sustainable. To help lead this programme, each class at Redfield Edge has elected two representatives to be part of the “Green Team”. Their job is to review how sustainable our school is and think of ways to make it even more environmentally friend.

They have already started thinking about what they would like to do as part of the Green Team.

Here are some of their ideas…

“I will pick up every bit of litter I see. I shall try and walk to school as much as I can, as well as never picking the plants in the garden.”
“I will turn the taps off.”
“I will remind the teachers to turn off the lights!”
“I will recycle, turn the lights off and turn the taps off too.”
“I will turn off the lights.”
“I will recycle paper when it’s on the floor and pick up rubbish.”
“I will tell boys and girls to not pick the trees and to switch off the lights.”
“I will tell people to switch off the lights.”
“I will pick up rubbish from the ground and tell people to pick it up.”
“I will remind people to recycle paper, but not paper that can be reused and put small bits in the normal bin.”