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Reading, writing and spelling and grammar skills can help you tell a story, share your ideas, write a letter and make sense of instructions.

We use them everyday and they help us understand each other.

Have some fun and learn at the same time by following these links!

General Websites
BBC Bitesize Keystage 1 Bitesize KS1 has a new website. Why not take a look.
BBC Bitesize Keystage 2 Bitesize KS2 also has a new website. Why not take a look at that one too.
CBBC Newsround For the latest news from around the world, this is the website for you!
The Blue Peter Website  All the fun of the TV programme and lots more!
Eureka! A hands on museum for children, with a smashing interactive website.
Gridclub Channel 4′s educational website. Loads of fun activities and games
Bob The Builder Have fun with Bob and all of his friends.
Fun With Spot Have fun with spot by going on all of his adventures with him!


ICT Maths Games This site has some excellent games to help you practice your Numeracy skills.
Family Maths Toolkit A useful website for parents to integrate maths at home.
Top Marks A website FULL of maths games!
Twelve Times Table Trick 12x table trick!
Crick Web Some great games around maths on here.
nRich – Maths Nrich has plenty of maths challenges to get your brain working.
Figure This! Maths challenges for families
Maths Bot Mathsbots has interactive resources to support maths learning
Primary Games Simple maths games, which are fun and help children practise maths
Square Number Song Learn your square numbers through this catchy song!
Multiply 12 Song Learn your 12x through this catchy song!
Nine Times Table Trick Did you know this 9x trick!?


 Spelling Frame Spelling frame has brilliant games (the majority free) to support spelling across the primary school phase.
 Oxford Owl eBooks A free website FULL of eBooks!
VIPERS – Lireracy Shed Have a go at VIPERS at home!
The Book Trust A website which combines reading and games. Lots and lots of books to explore.
Harry Potter Fan Club A brilliant site for all you Harry Potter Fans!


CBBC E-Safety – Own IT Information for helping your child stay safe on the internet with the help of their favourite CBBC characters.
BBC Dancemat Typing Learn to type using this fun website from the BBC. Be guided through step by step by a Liverpudlian goat and his friends!


Horrible Histories If you are into your history, this is the site for you!


The National Space and Air Museum Info about flight, airplanes and space travel.


Redfield Edge Wellbeing Page This page has loads of helpful posters, games and strategies to help with your wellbeing.
External Sites are outside of the control of Redfield Edge Primary School and as such we take no responsibility for the content of any of the sites mentioned above