Redfield Edge Primary School


Admissions Information

All admission requests are processed by the local authority and Redfield Edge Primary has no role in this process. Redfield Edge has a standard intake of 30 children per year group. If you would like a school place for your child to start in our reception class then you will need to apply directly to South Gloucestershire Council.

For parents/carers of children seeking to join the school in years other than reception please refer to the South Gloucestershire in-year admissions page on the same link.

The following considerations are included within the LA admissions policy but for full details please refer to the policy itself:-

Our intake will mainly be considered from the local geographical area.

We aim to provide sibling placements wherever possible.

Any over subscription of a year group will then automatically operate within the County guidelines (copies available from South Gloucestershire Admissions).

Children with special educational needs and disabilities will be welcomed as long as Governors deem that the school can provide the required level of support, in a partnership with the local authority. A programme of support for the individual child will be agreed between the Headteacher, Special Needs Co-ordinator, Class Teacher and Parents.

Redfield Edge Primary will operate a staggered induction programme for each child as they begin formal schooling.


Every effort is made to make a place available for your child in our school. However, schools have a limit on the number of children they can take. This figure is set by the LA and agreed with the School Governors and Headteacher.

If a place is not available on application you have the right to put your case to an Admissions Appeal Panel.

An independent panel will hear your case. It has the power to override the decisions of the LA in some circumstances.

If you need further information concerning admissions please contact The Children and Young People Information Service on 01454 868008 or email


If your child was born between 1 September 2017 and 31 August 2018 you will need to apply for a school place for them to start school in September 2022.

If you wish your child to start at Redfield Edge Primary School then you will need to contact our Local Authority who are responsible for our admissions.  The on-line application form will be available for completion from  September 2022 at .

Important Dates for your diary.

15th January 2023 – The CLOSING DATE for all applications. If you miss this date your application will be ‘late’ and you will reduce the likelihood of receiving an offer at one of your preferred schools.

17th April 2023 – Offers of a school place made to parents/carers resident in South Gloucestershire.

Parents/carers must reply to offersIf you do not accept your place offered by this date it will be assumed you no longer require the place and it may be reallocated if there is a waiting list.

For information regarding admissions to primary school for September 2023 please go to the South Glos Admissions page above where you can access the on line booklet.

Book an open morning place for pupils starting in reception in September 2022 by calling the school office on 01454 867165.

Redfield Edge Primary School 2021 Open Days are Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd November 2022.

Please contact school office on 01454 867165 to register your interest in our open day event.