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Staff Video – February 2021

Click here to see the staff Video – ‘It’s OK if you’re not feeling OK’

Parent Information

Please find resources to support you in discussing mental health with your children.

MindEd Parent Advice       

Anna Freud – tips for parents about mental health

Activities for wellbeing 

Here are a range of activities that can support your child’s mental health at home. Many of these were designed for our Children’s Mental Health Week 2021 and are linked to the theme of ‘Express Yourself’. There are some staff videos coming soon too!

Draw Your Feelings – Children’s Mental Health Week 2021

Emotional Expression Through Dance

A Journey Through Musical Emotion

Activities To Support Worries

Express Yourself

Feelings and Situations Matching Game

Happiness Box

How I’m feeling Letter Template

Make A Stress Toy

Mindfulness Calendar

Mindfulness Colouring

My Inner and Outer Self Art Activity

Positive Affirmation Colouring

Positive Affirmation Decorations

Things that make me feel..

Well-being Challenges

Worry Tree Activity

Activities for relaxation

In this section, there are a number of resources to help you to relax. Some of the staff have prepared relaxation scripts that you could listen to before bed time, or if you want to take a mindfulness break during the day (coming soon). There is also information on different breathing techniques that you can use to help you relax or if you are feeling anxious or worried to help you to feel calm. You may also enjoy joining in with the other breathing, meditation and yoga videos, or simply listening to some calming music. Find a comfy spot, sit back and relax!

Breathing Activities

Mindfulness Challenge Card

More Breathing Techniques

Other useful resources

In this section, there are miscellaneous resources to support your child’s mental health.

Be Kind to Yourself

Coronavirus Social Story      

Feelings Trigger and Strategy Chart      

Grounding Techniques     

Positive Affirmation Cards     

Recognising Emotions in Faces

Year 5 and 6 – Negative Automatic Thoughts         

Yoga Poses            

Zones of Regulation

Mental Health Stories and Books

 Staff have read some books on the topic of mental health – we hope you enjoy them! (Videos coming soon).

Mental Health Tips

 Mental Health Ambassadors, pupils and staff would like to share their top tips with you for positive mental health and well-being (Videos coming soon).