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How to support my child

How to Support my Child

If you are concerned about your child’s, or your own, mental health, please get in touch with our Mental Health Lead (Jenny May), Family Link Worker (Deb Williams) or Head-Teacher (Lisa Robinson) via the school office.

You may find also some of the information on this page useful.

Useful websites

CAMHS resources and apps

A link to the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) website. Additionally, a set of QR codes that will direct you to various apps to support: feeling low, mindfulness, taking time to relax, stress relief and meditation, well-being and sleep, understanding self-harm, understanding anxiety, understanding depression, healthy eating and exercise and screen time.

Anna Freud – parents and carers

A wealth of information and resources for parents and carers about children’s mental health and contributing factors.

Young Minds Parents’ helpline

Information about a helpline and webchat service for parents and carers with concerns about their child’s mental health.

Mind – information for parents and carers

Information for parents and carers who need support with their child’s, or their own mental health.

NHS – mental health

Sign-posting to information about mental health in children and adults, and available support.

NSPCC – mental health and parenting

Information about how to look after your own mental health and sources of support.

Place2b – supporting your child’s mental health

A wealth of articles and sign-posts to information about a range of factors linking to mental health. Links to information on children’s mental health and well-being; big life changes, including divorce/separation, bereavement, transition and adolescence; conditions and challenges and difference and diversity, including special needs, LGBTQ+, gender diversity and transgender and race and ethnicity. Information about how to get help and support.

Make It Count – a guide for parents and carers

Download a free guide with tips on how to support your child’s mental health and well-being.