Redfield Edge Primary School



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‘Without music, life would 


For every child to enrich their lives with the sound of music. To deliver rich musical experiences through different instruments, genres and cultures, which inspire children to compose, perform and appraise with a high level of understanding and confidence.


Our school curriculum is built upon the National Curriculum and our chosen scheme is Charanga. This was selected because it provides a clear progression of all the skills and knowledge that we are required to teach. Many of our staff are non-specialist and it enables them to access the subject knowledge needed to be highly effective in their teaching of Music.  

In addition to following the Charanga scheme, we have a wide offer of instrument teaching, largely through peripatetic staff. We further enrich our music curriculum with the support of the Music Hub who teach blocks of musical tuition to a range of classes. This includes whole class ukulele sessions, ‘stomp’ and singing. Extracurricular opportunities such as recorder lessons and a school choir also help to broaden children’s experiences.

Music is part of everyday at Redfield Edge through regular mindfulness sessions, transition periods or the exploration of music from different eras in each whole school assembly.

We give the children wider opportunities to perform to a larger audience such as class assemblies, nativity productions and Year 6 Leavers performance.

We are confident that Charanga provides clear progression in all four strands of Music, but will continuously keep this under review. This progression enables formative assessment to further develop teaching and learning in Music. Charanga also gives clear indications of how to differentiate in lessons to challenge the more able. It also has many units which are enriched by our golden threads. How Does Music Bring People Together? and How Does Music Make the World a Better Place? explores music within communities (Golden Thread) and how it can bring people together in times of tragedy. It also delves into Global Matters (Golden Thread) and how music can affect global issues through How Does Music Teach Us About Looking After Our Planet?


When children leave Redfield Edge, they have a love of music and have had a range of opportunities to develop their skills of listening, appraising and composing music. They are inspired to use music to aid their wellbeing and positively affect their mood.