Abbie Andrews

Job Title: Year 3 (Willow) Class Teacher

Role & Responsibility:

Music Subject Leader




About Me

I was born and grew up in Oldland Common and lived here until recently when I moved to a small village, in the countryside, on the outskirts of Bath. I went to primary and secondary school in the local area and then went to UWE for my teacher training. While training I was lucky enough to teach in many different and unique schools and met lots of fabulous new teachers. I absolutely love being a teacher as every day is completely unique.

Education Philosophy

I live with my Fiancé and my daughter who is 5 years old. We have two pet gerbils called Olivia and Rupert and a kitten called Tiger who is very cute and fluffy! In my spare time I enjoy going on nature walks with my family and friends and baking. As I live in the countryside a lot of the land is left untouched, I often find lots of interesting animals that I have never seen before so my daughter and I like to study them and find out what makes them unique.