Natalie Andrews

Job Title: Breakfast Club Supervisor,  PIP (Playtime intervention person) and Maths Assistant

Role & Responsibility:

I provide Numeracy Support for children throughout the whole school

About Me

I live locally to Redfield Edge, my daughter attended Redfield Edge and my son is currently in KS2. I play the piano and enjoy drawing and running in my spare time. At weekends we enjoy spending time together as a family at home, cycling or swimming and quite often supporting my children in their sporting events!
After volunteering at Redfield Edge for a while I decided that this was the job for me! I continued to volunteer throughout the school and completed my level 2 and level 3 in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools. In 2014 I took up the role as Maths Assistant and I love it, being part of a child’s learning and progression is a very rewarding experience. I enjoy all of my roles within the school and I believe that learning doesn’t just take place within the classroom.