Louise Brickell

Job Title: PPA cover teacher

Role & Responsibility: 

• Year 6 support teacher
• Joint science leader

About Me

I was born and grew up in High Wycombe which is thirty minutes from London. I gained an English Literature degree from Southampton University then trained as a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) teacher. Initially my TEFL was intended to help fund my travelling obsession but I quickly found that I loved teaching.

I’ve studied in Spain and travelled around Eastern Europe, Venezuela, Namibia, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. It was while teaching at a university in China that I realised I wanted to teach other subjects alongside English. I gained my PGCE at Canterbury Christchurch University in 2003 and have worked at Redfield Edge since 2005. Although I liked teaching English on its own, I much prefer teaching all the different subjects in the primary curriculum. I am never bored and am continually learning new things.

I now live in Somerset with my husband and two young sons. I love camping and walking but my two lifelong loves have been food and books. I have eaten many weird and wonderful things on my travels and am quite an experimental, although not always successful, cook at home. I also have a ridiculous number of books, I just love how they feel and smell. My job gives me an excuse to buy and read even more!

Education Philosophy

All babies are born with a voracious appetite for learning and yet by the time they are adults many people have lost this desire. Having taught many teenagers and young adults I know that this love of learning can be lost early, yet it is often those that retain the natural inquisitiveness of young children that have greater success in life.

I therefore believe that a child’s earliest teachers, their parents and those at primary school, have a crucial role. We must show children that learning is not something onerous that has to be ‘got through’ but an adventure full of surprises, tricky bits and fun. By learning alongside the children, sharing our questions, difficulties and successes, we can show them that learning is a lifelong journey that can make anything possible.