Updated Thursday 29th September 2016





Library Sessions



 The library is currently looking for volunteers to allow sessions to begin. More information will be provided at a later date. 

PE Sessions 


Please ensure your child has their full PE kit in school. PE bags are sent home every holiday giving parents an opportunity to check that their kit still fits them. PE clothing that is too small restricts the children and is uncomfortable.Please ensure daps are provided for terms 5 and 6.

Toast Money


Please ensure that toast money is handed in on Mondays in a seperate envelope to any other moneywith your child's name on - 50p for a whole week. 

Reading Books 

  Every Day

Reading books need to be in school every day. Reading books will be changed on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Key Words

  Every Day

These need to be in school every day and will be checked once a week (usually Mondays).  A new set of words will be sent home when the children are confident at reading all of their words by sight without hesitation. 

Homework Logs

  Sent home -  Fridays

Return - Wednesdays

Children are issued with a homework folder, which focuses on speaking and listening.

Later in the year, the children are issued with a homework log instead, which focuses on a theme that the children are learning about in class and allows them to consolidate and further learning at home, similar to the other classes in the school. 

Me Box


Children have the opportunity to present their 'ME Box' to the class. A letter detailing when it is your child's turn is sent out in advance. 


Out of school achievements


Certificates, medals and awards can be sent to school every Friday for Mr Foss to present in our celebration assembly. 

 WOW Slips

 On Going

Parents can send in information about important and exciting things that may have happened at home, which the children would like to share with school. This information will also be put into their profiles. Blank WOW slips can be obtained from Miss Turner or Mrs Nelmes. 

EYFS Profile Assessments


Term 1 - week commencing 10th October 2016

Term 3 - week commencing 30th January 2017

Term 5 - week commencing 15th May 2017