Full Governing Body

Finance & Premises Committee



   Anthony Flynn (Co-opted)


Steve Searle (Co-opted)







   Andrew Foss (HT)
   Lisa Robinson (Staff/DHT)
   Karen Noad (Co-opted/Staff)
   Tom Monks (Co-opted/Staff)
   Kelly Field  (Parent)
   Molly Caradine (Co-opted)
   Tony Flynn (Co-opted)
   Steve Searle (Co-opted)
   Sian Fish (co-opted)
   Tom Sharp (parent)

   Vacancy (LA)
   Vacancy (Co-opted)
 Vacancy (Co-opted)
 Vacancy (Co-opted)


Andrew Foss (Head Teacher)
Tom Monks (Co-opted/Staff)
Anthony Flynn (Co-opted)
Sian Fish (co-opted)
Tom Sharp (parent)


Sharon Kelly


You don’t need any particular qualifications to be a governor, but you do need commitment and enthusiasm!
As a parent you will have an understanding of other parents’ concerns, as a member of the local community your local knowledge will be valuable as you will have an understanding of what is important to local people. You may have business or other skills that may be helpful to the school.
Some governors have more time than others to commit to the school. Where possible, all attend the regular meetings and are also either on the Financial and Premises Committee or the Curriculum and Staffing Committee. 

If you are interested in becoming a school governor you need:

  • The ability to work as part of a team
  • A desire to make a difference to children’s lives
  • A desire to help the community
  • An external view
  • A willingness to challenge assumptions
  • The time to get involved

Being a governor is a challenging and rewarding opportunity. It can give you a sense of satisfaction through knowing children will benefit from your efforts, as well as:

  • Improving children’s education and supporting the school’s staff;
  • Giving you the opportunity to develop new skills and to strengthen existing ones;
  • The opportunity to gain understanding in key areas such as finance, personnel and strategic planning;
  • The chance to help other members of the team ;
  • The opportunity to learn about the education system as a whole.

If you are interested in some, or all of these things then you would make a good governor! The Governor Support Unit at South Gloucestershire Council provides extra support by running lots of training courses for new and experienced governors.


Governor Pecuniary interests 2016-2017

Jo Parker

Independent reviewing officer working for Bristol City Council. Jo reviews care plans for looked after children who can be place in authorities such as South Gloucestershire. 

Jo Powell

Staff member.

Lisa Robinson

Staff member.

Andrew Foss

Staff member.
Karen Noad

Staff member.

Molly Caradine

Social worker in a neighboring local authority to South Gloucestershire.

Tony Flynn


Sian Fish

Steve Searle
Married to the school's Senior Clerical Assistant


Tom Sharpe



Full Governor Board (FGB) and Finance Meeting Attendance Data 2016-2017 Click here