Andrew Foss

Job Title: Head Teacher

Role & Responsibility:

My core role is to set the strategic direction of the school in cooperation with the governing body. I am then also responsible for ensuring staff at every level fulfil their responsibilities. 

About Me

I grew up by the sea in Exmouth in Devon. I love sailing, canoeing, fishing and motor boating. In fact I love everything to do with the sea, from scuba diving (I am an experienced diver) to knee boarding and water skiing. Another great passion is literature. I love to read, and have tried my hand at writing stories too. I also love to travel. I have found the journey is often as good as the destination. I have travelled throughout India, cut my way through glaciers at 16000ft, dived over magnificent corals, fed giant parrot fish with bananas and swam away from reef sharks. I also saw a whale shark once! I drove the length of the USA, route 66 and all that, from New York to LA, visited the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas. I have climbed live volcanoes and trekked across deserts like the Thar desert in Pakistan. Hopefully I have more travel ahead of me.


Education Philosophy

W.B.Yeats said ‘education was lighting a fire, not filling a bucket’ and I totally agree. I believe education should inspire, enable and empower. The Educational Welfare Officer's motto is also dear to my heart. “To every child a chance.”